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The Top Five Difficulties Chinese Speakers Have When Pronouncing American English

Learn the Top 5 Challenges Chinese Speakers of English make and how to correct them! Dr. Ojakangas of Accent-American tells you how!

Adding Emphasis In American English

By using three simple rules, you can add emphasis and emotion to your American English! Simply, say the vowel longer, the syllable louder, and make your pitch go up on the word you want to emphasize!

How To Use Articles In English (A – An – The)

Learning how to use articles in English is hard. These little words (a, an, the) give so many of my clients so many problems. Why is that? Let’s look at how several languages handle ‘definite [...]

Best TV Shows To Improve English

Be a ‘Couch Potato’ (Couch Potato n. One who spends an inordinate amount of time on the couch watching television) Does this sound like unusual advice, given America’s obsession with exercise and health? Well, it [...]

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My Fair Lady: Great play but bad accent coaching methods!

Although the classic musical, My Fair Lady, is wonderful, the accent coaching methods that Professor Higgins uses in the play are not!