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Learn How To Pronounce The Letter ‘O’ In American English

In this video, Dr. Ojakangas explains the many ways to pronounce words spelled with 'o'.  You will have practice in speaking American English, learning how to pronounce English correctly.  Enjoy! Many, many words [...]

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Learn the Intonation for Different Kinds of Words in American English

In this video, I describe how to sound more American by pronouncing compound nouns, adjectives and nouns, and proper nouns the right way. These are simple rules to learn that you can apply EVERY DAY [...]

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Chinese Speakers Of English – 5 Tips To Help You Speak American English!

In this video, I discuss the top five pronunciation issues that Chinese natives may have when learning to speak American English and how to correct them. Watch and find out! (I wrote a blog about [...]

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