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Learn American English Pronunciation


Learn the specifics of American English Pronunciation and meet your career goals!

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• Are you frustrated when others cannot understand you?
• Have you been held back in your career because of your foreign accent?
• Are you having trouble expressing yourself as clearly as you would like?
• Are you not achieving your potential because of how you speak?
• Are you insecure about your English speaking abilities?

Accent-American’s clients are just like you! Internationally born professionals, who have learned English as a second language are an integral part of America’s and the world’s work force. You have studied English for years and have worked hard to get a job in the U.S. You are exceptional! And yet, worries about speaking American English and a hard-to- understand accent hold many of you back.

Contact Accent-American and ask for a phone consultation with Dr. Ojakangas. Learn how a few months of concentrated work can successfully modify your speech to sound more American. A tailored course, just for you, focusing on your unique accent can help you achieve the goals you want, the life that you want!

Some of the many businesses which have benefited from Accent-American’s accent coaching services, include:


Improve Your Employees’ Effectiveness!

Corporate entities benefit immensely from offering accent coaching to their international employees. Effective communication in American English is the most important skill an employee can have, surpassing intelligence and job training. In a few months of weekly training, the motivated employee can improve their speech significantly. Accent-American offers tailored courses in American pronunciation for individuals and groups, in-person or via the internet.  

Call and speak to Dr. Ojakangas to find out specifics and how accent coaching can help your employees become more productive and successful!

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  • Course work on learning the American pronunciation of vowels, consonants, and the unique patterns of American English intonation (the melody of the language)

  • Utilization of the latest brain research in learning to make new behaviors automatic.

  • Specialized materials, including digital or paper workbooks, audio files, specialized listening exercises, and personalized materials for each client’s specific professional needs. Language-based goals can be included, as well, such as improving public speaking, telephone skill enhancement, business language development, written language improvement and others.

  • Video-taped, comprehensive North American Accent evaluation.

  • Personalized instruction plan for each client on learning to speak with a more American pronunciation.

  • Weekly accent-coaching sessions, in-person or via Skype or another video conferencing software.

  • The latest, up-to-date materials (workbooks, audio files) for learning the American pronunciation of vowels, consonants, and intonation.
  • Email and voice support for all questions.