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The New Year is approaching as we are experiencing (so far) a very warm holiday season in the Midwest. I wanted to say hello to my clients from my newly-designed website that has this wonderful BLOG section.

With the change from one year to the next comes a renewed hope for good things, improved things, and new happiness in life. I am looking forward to many changes in my personal life, and know that many of you are, as well. You have traveled to a foreign country, gotten a job, found a place to live and are busy working hard to make the type of life that you have always dreamed of. I so admire all of my clients who, without exception, have dared to immigrate to someplace totally new and foreign, away from family and friends. Your move to America has taken great courage and determination!

Let me speak a little about anxiety, as well. All of my clients, without exception, no matter how excellent their English or how excellent the job they now have, have some anxiety about speaking in English. This seems natural to me, and yet we are taught by our society to hide weaknesses, of which anxiety is one. Working on decreasing speaking anxiety is one of the goals I set for all of my clients. I want them to feel comfortable and confidant speaking English. I want them to realize how incredible they are, learning a second (or sometimes third, or fourth) language and having the courage to live and even work using it! I speak German fluently, but I do not think I would have the courage to attempt to work daily, speaking only German.

So, as this new year approaches, I wish you all a restful and joyful holiday season, no matter if your faith celebrates a holiday at this time of year or not. Take time to breathe and to realize what you have accomplished! A new year is just around the corner, bringing with it new challenges and joys! Happy New Year!