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Schedule a consultation. We have evening and weekend appointments available if work hours are not convenient. With a face-to-face meeting, we can give you a very specific idea of what accent coaching plan would be optimal for you. Consultation price is deducted from course cost.
(773) 952-7450
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Accent-American offers personalized accent training to improve the communication skills of international professionals. After a comprehensive accent evaluation, an individualized plan is developed, which is tailored to the unique communication needs of each client. Specialized materials and goals are available for the medical, business, and academic professionals.

Dr. Catherine Ojakangas, Founder of Accent-American, brings her extensive experience in both neuroscience and speech-language pathology to create relevant instruction, designed to most quickly and effectively modify speech skills.
American English is a difficult language to learn. While the basics may be easier than many languages, the nuances of speaking - the melody, stress, and idioms - and the many exceptions to the 'rules', make speaking and understanding difficult for foreign-born individuals.
"Viewpoint: What Brain Research Can Tell Us About Accent Modification"
by Dr. Catherine L. Ojakangas
published 1/2014 in Perspectives (an American Speech Language and Hearing Association, peer-reviewed journal)
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