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“Dr. Ojakangas’s training was the best pronunciation class I have ever had!”

– Vice President, Investment Banking, Japanese native

“I visited Accent-American because I was having difficulties expressing myself clearly in English. I am from Japan and, although my English is good, I needed some assistance. Sometimes my boss had difficulty understanding my conversation. Dr. Ojakangas determined what sounds I needed to improve, and how to come to the main point of discussion directly. I am very pleased with the services she provided.”

– 35 yr old scientist from Japan

“My work at Accent-American with Dr. Ojakangas can be described In one word, several syllables:  A-MA-ZING ! And also REWARDING! I learned so much! I was looking for something different and I found it! I’m now more confident because I learned a lot in regards to the vowels, the consonants, and the intonation of American English. I was always afraid to exaggerate too much when speaking the American language; Dr. Ojakangas reassured me. She gave me this confidence by her knowledge, her patience also and her availability when I had questions.

In addition to work with my accent, Dr. Ojakangas helped me with presentations I had to do for high management (several CEOs), reviewing the contents making it clearer, correct and helping me to stand and say my speech! The lessons are also oriented towards your needs.  I would definitely recommend Accent-American to anyone needing help with American English!

– N.S., 42 yr old, Quality Assurance Manager, native French speaker

“I worked with Dr. Ojakangas for six months on pronunciation as well as public speaking skills. I don’t think any other course could have provided me with such detailed analysis of my accent and instructions on how to improve. I feel much more comfortable now in front of the class I teach. Her teaching of pronunciation and her suggestions to improve my presentation skills were tremendously helpful! Thank you, Dr. O.! “

– 33 yr old, professor, from Turkey

“In a warm, inviting, and relaxed atmosphere, Cathy identified what specific aspects of my speech pattern could hamper my audience from receiving and understanding the main points of my presentations. Cathy then gave me techniques and methods to slow down my speech rate during public presentations, as well as suggestions as how to become a more dramatic and effective speaker. I’d highly recommend her to others seeking to improve their presentation and communication skills.”

– 32 yr old scientist, Louisiana native

“Knowing what my mistakes are was huge for me. Knowing my areas of weaknesses and working through them gave me a weekly dose of confidence. There is no session that I did not have an AHA! moment. The AHA! moments made me look forward to the sessions. I believed that the more AHA!moments that I got to, gets me close to completely eradicating my accent. What I enjoyed about Dr. Ojakangas is how she was able to inject humor into her sessions. The humor made it fun and exciting even though I saw her late evenings after work when I was almost tired. Her encouragement throughout the sessions was remarkable. Even when you think you are disappointing her, she finds a way to support and cheer you on. This was a valuable and rewarding experience. Certainly, it’s a milestone toward a complete eradication of my accent.”

– 38 yr old principal, from Nigeria