Andi Widianto

I was frustrated because it seemed to me that only a few of my MBA classmates fully understood what I said... therefore I worried that I would fail courses due to such issues... Thanks very much Dr. Ojakangas, for helping my speech becomes less-accented and boosting my confidence in speaking English.

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Yudai Nishiyama

I went to an English language center for two weeks before working with Dr. Ojakangas, but they didn't teach me how to pronounce English as Americans do. At Accent-American... I learned the system of American pronunciation, which I think is important to do business internationally... I would absolutely recommend Accent-American’s courses to friends and colleagues!

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Luiz Greca

I explained to Dr. Ojakangas that what I needed was not only to learn the pronunciation, but also how to present materials professionally and in an effective way. Catherine tailored the course to meet those needs, and I think that was very effective… I’d recommend it to anyone who has come to America from another [...]

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Naima Semache

In addition to working with my accent, Dr. Ojakangas helped me with presentations I had to do for high management (several CEOs), reviewing the contents, making it clearer, correcting and helping me to stand and say my speech! I would definitely recommend Accent-American to anyone needing help with American English!

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