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Communication is everything! No matter where we are or what we do, the ability to communicate successfully is KEY!

My clients tell me over and over again that their accent has been holding them back in their lives. They feel like they are better, smarter, more capable than their communication in American English indicates. Some of my clients have told me that they have been passed over for promotions and/or do not make the money they would like because of their inability to communicate successfully in American English. Does this sound like YOU? Do you feel like you would be viewed differently by your employer if you and your employer spoke your native language? That you would be farther ahead because the language you spoke wouldn’t put a barrier in front of you?

If this sounds like you, there is help available! Foreign accents are just habits, plain and simple! They are not insurmountable or fixed for life.. They can be modified. Now, I do NOT want everyone sounding like an American. Our accents (and we ALL have them) are part of who we are, they are charming and show a bit of your culture. However, if they stop you from being understood, from communicating what you need to say, then they are a big barrier – a WALL, of sorts (in today’s Donald Trump environment :))

Contact me, Dr. Ojakangas, and let’s talk. I can tell by speaking with you for just a bit, how much work modifying your accent would take. Clear communication is possible!