Learn the Intonation for Different Kinds of Words in American English

In this video, I describe how to sound more American by pronouncing compound nouns, adjectives and nouns, and proper nouns the right way. These are simple rules to learn that you can apply EVERY DAY to sound more like an American with your American English pronunciation. We use compound nouns, adjectives describing nouns and proper [...]

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American English Intonation – An Introduction

In this video, I give you an introduction to how Americans pronounce. American English pronunciation involves use of INTONATION. Intonation is the melody of the language, and Americans use a lot of melody in their speech.   If you would like to contact me, Dr. Ojakangas, for personal accent coaching, click HERE If [...]

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Chinese Speakers Of English – 5 Tips To Help You Speak American English!

In this video, I discuss the top five pronunciation issues that Chinese natives may have when learning to speak American English and how to correct them: Watch and find out! (I wrote a blog about these points before, but here is an easy-to-watch video!) If you would like to contact me, Dr. Ojakangas, [...]

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Learn American Accent Online With A Self-Study Course

In this video, Dr. Ojakangas explains how the Accent-American Self Study courses are different than others you might find. If you would like to speak American English fluently with an American accent but are not ready to work with an American accent coach, try a Self-Study course online.  These courses are TAILORED JUST FOR YOU! [...]

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Why Listening Can Help You Improve Your American English Pronunciation

If you are an international professional working to improve your English, listening is key. By ‘listening’ I do not mean superficial, lightweight listening, I mean REALLY listening.  Listening is hard work and requires concentration. For the international professional, listening is the key to being able to pronounce sounds the way Americans do.  The rule says:  [...]

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How To Use Articles In English (A – An – The)

Learning how to use articles in English is hard. These little words (a, an, the) give so many of my clients so many problems. Why is that? Let’s look at how several languages handle ‘definite and indefinite articles,’ as they are called. Articles are related to gender.  Interestingly, in Old English (up to 1150 A.D.) [...]

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