Another New Year is approaching!

By | 2019-01-21T13:36:01-06:00 December 22nd, 2016|

Another new year is approaching! Wow, how time flies! The year 2016 was a difficult year. We saw horrible conflicts continuing in the world, we saw a very contentious election in the U.S. come to a surprising and scary end, we saw many important musicians and others pass away suddenly. And yet, the sun continues to rise in the morning. Time marches on.


Despite the uncertainties that are ahead, I believe it helps to think of the positive. Although I do not talk about it often (and especially publically), I believe that only two forces exist in the world : LOVE and FEAR. I have seen evidence in my own life during difficult times that focusing on LOVE (sending thoughts of love, seeing the beauty and love in the world around me) increases positivity and good things. For me, it doesn’t mean ignoring the bad, but choosing to believe in and see the good. I have seen there is actual power in choosing LOVE.


And so, dear past and future clients, I wish you all a new year full of LOVE! May you achieve your goals, may you face your challenges with courage, may the LOVE and goodness in the world be present in your life! Happy New Year!